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Welcome to Issue 7 of Bus Buzz, the quarterly newsletter from the public transport team at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) in The University of Sydney Business School. We'd like to share with you the latest data and research on bus issues at ITLS and beyond. Please forward this newsletter to other people who may be interested.

Professor Corinne Mulley | Chair of Public Transport
Dr Geoffrey Clifton | Lecturer in Transport and Logistics Management


Research in Transportation Business and Management: Special issue on Accessibility

The November 2011 issue of RTBM was Guest Edited by ITLS's Corinne Mulley and Rhonda Daniels and includes papers on accessibility policy and planning, implementing accessibility planning for disadvantaged areas and groups, management of accessibility by mode and by spatial area and the economic evaluation of accessibility improvements. More information

Improved information for better land transport in our cities

Professor John Stanley highlights some national problems confronting land transport in Australian cities in this invited contribution to the COAG Reform Council. More information

Professors David Hensher and Corinne Mulley appointed to the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan Transport Specialists Advisory Group

In December, Professor David Hensher, Director of ITLS and Professor Corinne Mulley, Chair in Public Transport attended the first meeting of the Specialist Advisory Group, a group directly advising Transport for NSW on the creation of the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.

Transport Opinion Survey: Rail priorities

The December 2011 quarter of the ITLS-Interfleet Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS) showed that Australians view rail investment within our cities as a higher priority to high speed rail between our cities. Support for rail within cities was highest amongst frequent public transport users, Victoria residents and people living in capital cities. More information

Dr Rhonda Daniels

ITLS said goodbye to Rhonda Daniels who resigned in December 2011. Rhonda had been a member of the public transport team for the last 2 years. Geoffrey Clifton replaces her as co-editor of Bus Buzz.


Certificate of Transport Management 20-23 June 2012

Enrolments are now open for our 4 day professional development course for staff in the bus and coach industry including operators, suppliers and consultants. The course provides knowledge and skills in management, planning and policy areas that are central to the success of this industry. More information

Certificate of Transport Management Refresher Course 20-22 June 2012

Enrolments are now open for our 3 day professional development course for participants who have previously completed the Certificate of Transport Management course. The refresher course provides updated knowledge and skills in management, planning and policy areas that are central to the success of this industry.
More information

Winter School - Railway Planning and Operations

ITLS will be offering the unit of study in Railway Planning and Operations again following its success in the last 2 years. The course will be taught by Dr Nigel Harris from the UK and will be held over 8 days in Winter School from 25 June to 20 July. As well as taking this unit as part of a Masters course, participants may enrol as a non-award student (and later count the subject towards a future program at ITLS).

For more information send an email to business.itlsinfo@sydney.edu.au


Opening of the longest guided busway: Cambridge UK and extensions to Brisbane's Busways

Along the alignment of a former railway, the busway opened in the second half of last year. It is the longest guided busway link in the world at 25 kms. Like part of the busways in Brisbane, Australia, this guided busway uses disused railway alignment and connects through rural areas to outlying villages in Cambridgeshire. Brisbane opened another two sections of Busway, linking the east to the CBD and a short extension to the northern end of the system which will be further extended in 2012.

More information on Cambridge
More information on Brisbane

Longstanton Parkway Station, Cambridgeshire Busway guide rails, Cambridgeshire
Source: Nigel Harris Source: Nigel Harris
Langlands Park Station, Brisbane Langlands Park Station, Brisbane
Source: Corinne Mulley Source: Corinne Mulley

London unveils the 'New Bus for London' updating the classic Routemaster bus

On February 27th the first of a new breed of Hybrid Diesel Electric bus went into service in London. Evoking the design of the historic Routemaster bus the 'New Bus for London' is an air-conditioned, accessible 3 door Double Decker bus. The bus has been dubbed the 'Borismaster' in honour of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is promoting the new bus as part of his re-election campaign. More information

Source: TfL

Bureau of Transport Statistics NSW has a new website

More statistics are available on line than before. BTS have introduced a newsletter which highlights their recent work.

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More information


The June 2012 issue of Bus Buzz will include updates on research projects.


Editors: Professor Corinne Mulley, Dr Geoffrey Clifton

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